Tosyalı Makina

Tosyalı Makina started its commercial activities in 1987 as a chain and bushing pulley manufacturer, over time, has become one of the leading companies in the power transmission sector by adding its importer identity as well as its manufacturer identity.


If the brain of our company is represented by the services we offer to our customers, the heart of Tosyalı Makina operations is its warehouse, a huge heart with more than 12,000 products in stock and an area of 5000 square meters.

Tosyalı Makina has invested resources and enthusiasm to firmly establish its logistics system on the latest technology. Our customers work just-in-time, so they need a constant and reliable supply of components. Order taking and storage and transportation of material are managed using science and technology tools. The warehouse has a state-of-the-art computerized logistics system.

Reception, quality control, storage, packaging and shipment of incoming goods: The entire business chain until the product reaches your company is managed by our logistics system that guarantees control and traceability.

In a high-speed world, Tosyalı Makina manages to be competitive and give you a competitive advantage, because we deliver the product to you instantly, on time, in the quantity you want and wherever you are in the world.



Tosyalı Makina A.Ş. treats his products with the same passion he shows to his customers. Our products are constantly monitored by qualified personnel from reception to storage and from shipment to arrival at the customer's premises.

A highly computerized recording system, a clear and easy warehouse organization, as well as state-of-the-art inspection and shipping procedures allow our company to ensure fast and timely delivery of needed products to its customers.



With a strong focus on the needs of the market and motivated by the desire to improve service performances, Tosyalı Makina switched to B4B, a leading E-Business tool.

The functions offered by this software are much more complex than the traditional virtual shopping cart: In line with the philosophy of transparency that has always been an integral part of our mission, B4B opens a real-time window into our management system. Tosyalı Makina's forward-thinking attitude once again confirmed its leadership in the market. B4B offers all our customers a wide range of functions such as;

  • View our product database, including list prices, through powerful search functions,

  • Enter orders in real time, even import files directly,

  • Check the estimated delivery times of the required goods,

  • View inquiries, current and already shipped orders,

  • Track the progress of orders and shipment progress in real time,

  • Print original invoices and view shipment details,

  • View the updated account statement.