Tosyalı Makina

Tosyalı Makina started its commercial activities in 1987 as a chain and bushing pulley manufacturer, over time, has become one of the leading companies in the power transmission sector by adding its importer identity as well as its manufacturer identity.

Based on the experience of being at the center of business life for years, Tosyalı Makina's commercial story, which started 37 years ago, continues by increasing its current import volume and market share. We proudly lead and direct our industry by carefully analyzing all global developments, as well as sectoral trends. Providing high quality products to our customers with our uninterrupted service approach, working with the principle of stock for the needs of our customers and your satisfaction with our superior service approach comes first for us. Another point in the service package we offer, which is as important as knowledge and innovation, is our ability to provide business-specific and local service. Our experienced customer representatives follow the entire process on your behalf, from product selection to order operations, from our special packaging services to fast delivery tracking. Tosyalı Makina will always continue to be with you as your most accurate and reliable choice in rapidly changing customer demands.


Picture: Year 1987, our founder Serhat Semerci, Tosyalı Makina A.Ş.