Various coating and material options play a critical role in ensuring the corrosion resistance of chains. Our product range includes roller chains made of stainless material with zinc plated, nickel plated and galvanized coating.

Zinc plating is often used in outdoor environments and prevents the chain from being affected by oxidation and corrosion. Nickel plating is generally preferred in the food and packaging industries; It extends the service life of the chain by creating a protective layer against acid.

There are three main factors that affect chain corrosion: the working environment, the material and machine design of the chain, and the duration and type of application. These factors help choose the right chain for a particular application.

It produces special chains that provide high wear resistance and strong corrosion protection by combining different types of coatings to meet specific customer requirements. Additionally, our stainless steel chains are used particularly in food production and applications that require frequent chain cleaning. Able to be used in acidic or alkaline environments, our stainless steel chains are available in special models such as bent attachments, special attachments and extended or protruding pins. We offer our customers a flexible and reliable option to provide solutions tailored to their specific needs.